hristmas ritters 

The Animals that Saved Christmas 

by Dahni Santa Bopa
2013 all rights reserved


il'  eona ovie the hristmas amb

(Part II)

Lil' Leona Lovie, in her Christmas Hat

   ou might ask, what does a lamb have to do with Christmas? If you have to ask, then you have never heard the story of little Leona Lovie, the Christmas Lamb! Well, get on your jammies, brush your teeth, grab your blankets, curl up toasty warm and I'll tell you the whole story! 

   ou see, Little Lovie is one of the 'Christmas Critters' that saved Christmas. Yes, it's really true!

   eona is a lamb and lambs have soft white fluffy wool called fleece This keeps them warm, especially in the winter. They make a funny sound called bleating and it sounds like:


Chrous - Video 

   Lil' Leona Lovie, with some of her family & friends

   ambs love to run and jump, but Leona? Well, let me tell you, she is the fastest runner and jumps higher than all the lambs and sheep of Critter Valley. Besides being a super-fast runner and jumper, well, Leona was, very special. She wanted to fly! Now you might think this strange that a lamb would want to fly, but Leona did and she believed that somehow, someday she would! But none of her family or her friends thought it would ever be possible. eona stopped talking about flying with her friends because, they all thought this was pretty silly. But Leona kept running and jumping and believing. She practiced running and jumping every day because, she just knew, she would have to run very fast and leap very high to get off the ground. But how could she; how would she, ever be able to fly?

   here are lots of critters that live in Critter Valley and all the animals can talk to each other. Leona met Jack and Miles the Christmas Ferrets and they told her about their adventures with Santa Claus, the North Pole and how they helped to save Christmas one year. Very, very few of any of the other animals believed them, but Leona did. Leona became excited, as she listened to their story!

"That's it she cried with glee!"

   here was something about the story Jack and Miles told her that really made sense to Leona. She knew that if she could just get to the place where Santa flew with all his reindeer, somehow, she would be able to fly. Well, in Critter Valley, there was only one possible place that could be - Kringle Hill.

Jack & Miles the Christmas Ferrets told Leona their story

   ringle Hill was named for Santa Claus because, one of the other names he is known as is, Kris Kringle. Some of the other critters called it Krinkle Hill with a K because, some of the oldest and strongest animals had been up on the top to try and catch a glimpse of Santa on Christmas Eve. But no one ever saw him or heard any sounds of his sleigh bells or his reindeer. In fact, the only sounds they ever heard was the wind blowing, leaves rustling and the crinkling noises beneath their feet or their hooves. Crinkling or crinkle, the word kind of reminds me of Kringle. But since no one ever saw Kris Kringle or Santa Claus, some critters just made it a joke and called it Krinkle hill. Do you know what a crinkle sounds like? Take a piece of paper and wad it up into a ball. Listen! Do you hear it? That's the sound of a crinkle. Sometimes you can hear it when it is very cold outside as you walk on the snow in winter.

Sometimes you hear a crinkle when your feet or hooves walk on the snow

   ell, like I said, a crinkle spelled with a 'C' sounds like Kringle with a 'K' and no one in Critter Valley ever saw or heard Kris Kringle, his sleigh, his bells or his reindeer. 

   ight, no one in all of Critter Valley, had ever seen Santa Claus or Kris Kringle, no one except, for Jack and Miles, the Christmas Ferrets. Leona was bound and determined, she would see him, his reindeer and someway, somehow, she was going to fly! 

   hristmas was, still months away. Leona would use the time to practice long and hard with her running and jumping. And she would have to grow strong, just to be able to climb, all the way to the top of Kringle Hill. And that's just what she did, practice, practice, practice!
eona was a very busy lamb, months before Christmas. She went to Critter Valley Elementary School each day. She did her chores, and she helped her Mom and Dad around their home. Leona was a good little lamb, and you have to be good to get presents from Santa. But there was a lot more on her mind than getting presents or getting into trouble and getting on the "naughty list." She did not want anything to stop her from what she started to call her, 'flying practice.' So, she was really, especially and particularly good that year. This Christmas, she would be ready. She would climb Kringle Hill on Christmas Eve. She would see Santa and his reindeer and she would fly!!!

Lil' Leona Lovie, running and jumping in the snow - 'Flying Practice'

   ow, if you have ever seen or climbed Kringle Hill, you know how steep it is. And if you have ever made it to the top, there is a cliff that drops off into Critter Valley. Most of the critters never come here except for the birds, sometimes deer, an occasional rabbit or two and some squirrels. Oh, Peter Possum has been up there once or twice too. But you have to be very careful and not fall off that cliff. To most of the animals, it was a very scary spot. But it was the best spot all around, if you wanted to see Santa, coming to Critter Valley.

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