hristmas ritters 

The Animals that Saved Christmas 

by Dahni Santa Bopa
© 2013 all rights reserved


ack and iles the hristmas errets

(Part I) 


Jack & Miles in their Christmas Sweaters 

   errets? What are ferrets? Ferrets are cute, funny, fast, curios, adventuresome, smart and adorable little critters. They are about as long as 20 inches. If you have your arms at your side and you raise your hands, the space between your hands is about as long as a ferret. They weigh between 1 and four pounds. That's about the weight of a loaf of bread or can of magic Christmas paint. 

errets are mammals and that means, they drink milk, just like all little boys and girls and Santa Claus too. And just like Santa Claus, they like cookies! Ferrets are related to several similar animals. Their cousins are: minks, skunks, badgers, martens, fishers, weasels, stoats, polecats, and wolverines. Ferrets are small, slender and long little critters with long tails. They have soft, fuzzy, fluffy fur and can be brown, black, white or found with mixed colors. They are very fast and when they run they look like little waves or roller coasters going UP and Down. They slink, and sliver and are soft as mink. They run with a frenzied series of sideways hops and often bumping into things. I call this the Doozle Dance. That's funny, but that's how they roll. And speaking of roll, they love to burrow under blankets and stuff and wind up so tight, if you put them on a hill and rolled them down, they would look like little rolling fur balls. They have four legs and when they jump, they can jump straight up and sideways. Ferrets love to eat, they love to sleep. Sometime they sleep in a ball and take naps together and they look like a little heart shape.

The Jack & Miles sleeping ball and heart shape


Ferret Sounds & Fun - Video 

    errets live in families often called a "business." The sounds they make are sometimes like a high-pitched quivering, squeaks and hisses. They really love to PLAY!  Their playing sounds are like clucking. This is called "dooking." Can you say dooking? They qui-ver and cliver, and when they first wake up they shi-ver. They chi-ter and cha-ter, cli-ter and cla-ter, hissssss and cluck. That's the funny dooking these little fluffy, swoozel, woozel, ferrets do. In winter they do a lot of 'dooking' especially when there is snow. They love to run, jump, hop, burrow tunnels and dance in the snow.

Jack & Miles in the snow 

   he name ferret means, "little thief," but ferrets do not steal, at least not good ferrets. They just like little things that catch their eyes and especially little, shining things. If you live with ferrets, you know they don't steal. They just move stuff around where they can see them better or play with them more often and even sleep with these (borrowed) treasures. Now you might think that something is missing, but sooner or later you will find it and a ferret has just moved it, that's all! They have many nicknames like: Woozel, Huggawoozu, Squeezu, Furkia, Furbaby, Fert, Smushie, Furito, Weezu, Fuzzy Fuzzball, Sock puppet, Dooker, Dancing Dooker, Stinkmink, Podo, Yodo, Mojo, Fuzz, Squiggle and Scooter. 

   ell, Jack and Miles are ferrets that live in their own family 'business.' One Christmas Eve, they were snug is their beds like roly-poly bugs in a rug. All of a sudden, they were roused in the house by a clatter on the rooftop and they leaped up to see what was the matter. 

Jack & Miles Checking Out the Noise

   ack and Miles crept down the stairs, for the noise they heard down there and saw Santa Clause leaving presents by the tree. When Santa was finished, Jack and Miles watched him reach into his red coat pocket and pull out a shiny silver bell. Santa had picked this up when he saw that one of the sleigh bells had fallen off the harness of his reindeer. He put it into his pocket for safekeeping. 

The Sleigh Bell that Jack & Miles Saw

ack and Miles thought that bell was the shiniest and most beautiful thing they had ever seen. Santa tossed the bell into his open toy bag and it made the most beautiful sound that Jack and Miles had ever heard. That was it! Jack and Miles had to go see that bell; touch it; ring it for themselves! Quicker than you can say Merry Christmas, Jack and Miles ran for Santa's bag and jumped inside looking for that BELL! 

   anta did not see Jack & Miles jump into his bag and he tied the bag with his magic golden cord, threw it over his shoulder, ran up the fireplace, up the chimney and tossed the bag into the back of his sleigh. Then he pointed and said to his reindeer, "Ho, Ho, Ho,," and they were ALL off to the North Pole.

   ow Santa did not know that he had two stowaways in his empty toy bag. And he could not hear Jack & Miles playing with the bell. The bell after all, sounded just like all the other sleigh bells on the harness of his reindeer. And it was after all, a loud and windy, blowzy and snowy end to that Christmas Eve, too noisy to single out just one single bell.

   ack and iles played and played with the bell and they chased each other around inside Santa's toy bag until they felt sleepy and fell fast asleep. They were curled up so tight together, they looked like one puffy, fluffy ball of fur. 

   s soon as Santa arrived back at the North Pole, he unhooked the harness, fed the reindeer and put them to bed for a much needed and long winter's nap. Next, his plan was to reattach that bell from the bag to the sleigh bell harness. When he unwound the gold cord and opened the bag - up popped the heads one by one, of Jack and Miles. "Sqee, sqee, skee," said Jack. "Chee, chee, chee," said Miles.

   o, o, o, well Merry Christmas," said Santa smiling, "How did you two get in here?" Jack and Miles one by one told Santa the whole story. Now you might think it strange that animals can talk and Santa could understand word for word, everything Jack and Miles said, but it's as true as Santa's laughing belly that looks like a bowl full of wiggly, jiggly jelly when he laughs! And Jack and Miles could understand him perfectly too!

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