( a Rhymer' Primer of 31 days of poems
to spatter joy
for every day
of any year))

by Dahni
© 2016, all rights reserved


Spatter Joy
 A collection of verse by Dahni

Copyright © 2016 by Dahni 

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by Arman Sicovia
editor for I-Magine Publications

   The word "spatter" brings many images to mind that are instantly familiar to most everyone. Paint, water, mud and other liquid-like materials are just a few of the things which could be 'spattered.' But "joy" (technically an emotional response to stimuli), we may not ordinarily think of something which can be spread or 'spattered.' As it is used in this collection, it fits perfectly. 

   From time to time, most of us if not all of us have experienced something that has given us some measure of happiness or has made us happy. "Joy" is, a word which is most often a word used to express or define something which cannot be expressed or defined. It is considered something far deeper inside a being than happiness. As a figure of speech, the words, "Spatter Joy," implies that this "joy" could be 'spattered' or spread to others. In poem 24, they are associated with words and ideas as: "infection," "contagion," and "inoculation." These words we understand when it comes to the spreading and prevention of communicable diseases, bacteria and viruses etc. There is an expression used for enthusiasm, that— "if you want to spread the measles, you have to first have a good case of them yourself." One cannot spread or spatter joy without first having it themselves. 

   Dahni's confession is that this whole collection was written in just two days and was a direct response to his own personal, fullness of joy that he could not help, but to— "Spatter Joy!"

   For Dahni, the 2015 winter holiday season began in March of that year, with the announcement and his involvement with his one his nieces and her first child and now, his first and only, grand nephew. The season culminated with a lovely dinner with friends that he prepared, two weeks before Thanksgiving. Then it was Thanksgiving with family he also, cooked for. 

   Next, travel to witness the birth of a new baby. Then it was home again for the first holiday concert of his twin boy grandchildren, the early completion of a Christmas Story for another grandchild (originally intended as a story for all of the five grandchildren). Then came the announcements of yet another grand niece and another grandchild, both to be born early summer of 2016. On Christmas Eve 2015, Dahni and his wife were on the road again to share and cook dinner for family on the 25th and 26th. On December 29th, he and his one sister celebrated with their older brother on his birthday. This was the first holiday season that the three of them have been together in about thirty years. Finally, he returned home once again to celebrate New Year's Eve and Day and yet another Christmas/New Year's celebration, with more family (a brunch) on January 2nd that Dahni just refers to as, a "Merry Happy," celebration. Indeed, these many events lead him to joy, kept him full of joy and has made him desirous that it continue.

   When we are happy and joyful, if is difficult if not impossible, for others around us to NOT be happily affected or infected with this joy. It is a spill-over effect and affect!

   As many of us do, Dahni thought on the custom of New Year's Resolutions. We each want for ourselves and for those we love to have more and be more, do more, give more, love more and just, 'Be More' in the coming year than the previous one. When it comes to the subject of "joy," the reason for it and the purpose for this collection is set in the smallest poem which is the first one. Basically, after the winter solstice around December 25th, the days are getting longer and for those that cannot wait until spring comes again and we can be outside again, this is certainly something to look forward to, to be happy about; to joy and for and to others to, "Spatter Joy." And as for New Year's Resolutions, Dahni states his intentions and desires in poem #2 that it be the same, "every year" and that is to daily, "Spatter Joy," each and every single day, every year.

   This entire collection was conceived and written in two days, from December 31st, 2015 and completed January 1st, 2016. Though the verses are simple, they are NOT over-simplified or simplistic. It is difficult to find words that rhyme with "joy," but it was intentional and purposefully planned to repeat, to reiterate, over and over again, the theme and title to—"Spatter Joy."

   In one sense, this collection seeks for Dahni to continue spattering his joy from the previous year, for the readers to have one poem, for each day in January, one each for the new month of the new year. Though this collection ends as the month of January ends on the 31st, it continues as the line of his final poem states, "I must just continue to— Spatter Joy!"

   As Dahni lives and seeks to perpetually 'Spatter Joy," this is the purpose of this collection that each of us catch a big dose of our own joy and splatter it everywhere to everyone that they too will in turn— 'Spatter Joy!' What motive could be clearer than this whole collection being offered to anyone and each and every one of these poems and the whole collection, FREE of cost to anyone! One cannot pay ANY amount for joy. Something so rich and so full; so inexplicable and so often un-deserved surely is, meant to be given and to be spattered. Be a joy spatterer' and 'Spatter Joy!'






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Dedicated to: The Spattering of Joy and the Joy Spatterers'


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