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   According  to Lucy the expert, everyone should consider starting their own home based business. Even if all you do is compost in your backyard, you could start your very own...

   All silliness aside, this is serious! IT COULD BE WORTH 1,000's of $$$$$'s to you, each and every year for the rest of your working life! This information is probably NOT known, understood or applied by your tax lawyer, CPA or other tax advisor, BUT It's FOR REAL and It's TOTALLY LEGAL!

Rules For Home Based Businesses

1.   Know the rules or have someone working with you that knows the rules for a home based business.

2.   Keep good records

3.   Have the intent to make a profit.

   This is not a hobby or the I.R.S. 'Hobby Rule' classification. As long as these deductions are available, you can keep deducting them as a home based business, even if you never make a profit. This is not to defraud the government, but as long as you follow the rules above and have the intent to make a profit, you can keep claiming them. But why would anyone start a business that did not intend to make a profit anyway?

   Since it takes a minimum of 15 months to receive your refund check from the government (around March of the following tax year), guess what? This was an 15 month, interest free loan to the United States Government. Why would anyone want to do this? We are required by law to pay our proper share of taxes, not OVERPAY, UNDERPAY or EVADE them. Find out HOW anyone can legally start receiving this $50 extra in their paycheck, as early as their next paycheck!

   Let's assume the average work week is 5 days and 4 weeks in the month or 20 days. Now imagine right before going to work, you opened a window and let go of a $20 bill into the breeze. Imagine doing this for the next 5 days, just before you head off to your place of employment. At the end of a month, you would have thrown away around $400. Why would anyone do that? Find out HOW almost anyone can legally start receiving $400 per month (or more), for the rest of their working lives, all courtesy of the United States Government! Even if you are retired, if you do not know this information, you are literally throwing away your money, every single day.


We all have dreams (perhaps some had dreams, before life got in the way). Perhaps you are living your dreams-come-true right now, but do you know someone that some opportunity, IF IT WERE AVAILABLE, could make all the difference between failure and success, good success or great success? Although money CANNOT buy happiness, it could buy your life back or a dream come true! It could help others buy their lives back or their own dreams come true. Dreams are wonderful, but worth nothing without a plan to achieve them!



Are you interested in only paying your fair share of taxes?

Do you already have your own business, but interested in other opportunities and in paying less tax?

Are you Interested in setting up a part time business to save taxes?

Are you Interested in setting up a full time business to save taxes?

Are you interested in financial and/or time freedom to save taxes?


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